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Tuesday Message


Tuesday English.mp4

Still image for this video

Watch the clip ‘Bubbles’ up to 15 seconds THEN STOP!


The girl is walking along the beach. She finds some bubbles. Imagine-  what do you think the girl could hear, see, feel and smell there?


Write at least 4 sentences about the beach using the senses. Remember to try and include adjectives!

Make 2D and 3D shapes

Can you make different 2d and 3d shapes with things you can find at home? Use pencils, cocktail sticks, playdough, Jenga bricks, anything you can find!
SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)


Have a go at the colouring activity, spotting the nouns and verbs. Choose different colours if you don't have those mentioned. 


If you don't have a printer, draw your own picture with the words or organise them into a table of nouns and verbs instead. 



noun - a naming word for a person, place or thing

verb - an action word


  • Activity 1 - read the text
  • Activity 2 - underline any difficult words and discuss with an adult what they mean
  • Activity 3 - answer the questions