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SPaG: Watch the videos below about expanded noun phrases. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Expanded noun phrases'. Complete this learning activity.

🆕Expanded Noun Phrases KS2 👉 in 2 MINUTES | A Must Watch!

Expanded noun phrases

Reading Comprehension - Theseus and the Minotaur: Re-read the text then...

1. Use the language of inference prompt below to discuss and explore the text further. If this could be done alongside an adult or even another pupil in class, it would be highly beneficial.

2. Explore the vocabulary and phrases that you highlighted (or wrote down) yesterday. Read around the word to deduce the meaning. Used its word class to help: is the word a noun, adjective, verb, adverb, pronoun etc.?

Vocabulary, from the text, that I think would be useful to explore -

  • periodically   
  • cease            
  • tyranny            
  • gingerly            
  • understatement    
  • pact            
  • aghast           
  • labyrinth         
  • relented            
  • bated             
  • vowed           
  • embraced       
  • complex        

Writing - Learning Activity 1: Answer the questions about chapter 5 and chapter 6. Learning Activity 2: Choose a part from either chapter 5 or 6 to draw an image of. It could be from the opening ceremony with Katniss and Peeta in the chariot or around the dinner table with the Avoxes or anything else that you prefer.

Mile and kilometres. Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Miles and kilometres questions

Miles and kilometres answers