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We are going to start with a flash back slide again today.  Please could you write your answers in your book and ask your adult to email these across to me.


Again, the maths activities will be in 2 groups - these are the same as yesterday.  Choose the activity you feel most comfortable completing.  Group 2 - there are 2 activities to choose from.



Maths - Tuesday 2nd March - Group 1

Subtract from a whole number

Maths - Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - Group 2

Subtract fractions


Today, we are going to plan our narrative writing.  You can use some of the effective vocabulary you have been gathering over the last 2 sessions.


As this is a narrative piece of writing we need to plan our 5 Ps:

  • People
  • Place
  • Period
  • Problem
  • Peace


Watch my video which shows how I have put my plan together.


I have attached a blank plan and a marking sheet to support you with your planning.  Remember the more detail you add, the more this will support you with your writing this week.  Add in that effective vocabulary and similes.

English - Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Planning your BFG narrative


Today, please can you read the next chapter - Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers


We are going to do our spelling test today as yesterday we learnt about similes.  Please ask your adult to test you on your spellings - fill in the gaps in the document below using the spellings you have been practicing all week.