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Something Fishy

Watch the video again but this time pay close attention to the animals you can see swimming inside the washing machine. 
Split a piece of paper into 4 sections - 1 for each of the animals. Write as many things you see to describe the animal. Think carefully about the descriptive words you are using. I have started for you in my picture above - add some more and complete the other animals. 

Tuesday Maths - x symbol


'c' shaped letters

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)


The Vowels and Consonants Song

Rewatch the vowel and consonant song from yesterday. 


You might have noticed that we sometimes use 'a' when we're speaking and we sometimes use 'an'. When the next word in the sentence starts with a consonant we use 'a' - like 'a dog' because 'dog' starts with a consonant. When the next words start with a vowel (like 'apple') use 'an' - 'an apple'. Have a go at the activity below to practice.