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Today for your maths work we would like you to continue to practise the written method for division that we began using yesterday.   There are two different sets of questions below. If you would have placed your work on the red or orange pile yesterday please can you complete the first worksheet (Tuesday Division).  If you felt pretty confident with the work and would have chosen the green pile to place your book on then please have a go at the second document below (Tuesday Division 2).  Please email in your work so we can see how you are getting on.  Also if you have any problems email school and we will help you out.

Tuesday's English - IPEELL planning frame

Mrs Naylor talks you through her plan for the Journalistic recount about Harry and Ron being spotted by Muggles flying Ron's Dad's car.


Follow the 'using dashes for parenthesis' powerpoint below. 

Brackets for parenthesis are used to add extra information in a text. Dashes are used in a similar way in that they separate groups of words from the rest of the sentences. 

Answer each question on your whiteboard before moving onto the next screen which has the answers on. 


Your new spellings are also below.  Make sure you learn them as you usually would