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Harthill Primary School

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W/C 13th July 2020

FS2 - this learning is for the week ahead and also for the summer holidays  yes



  • Draw a portrait, paint/colour for your Year 1 gallery wall.
  • Draw/colour a picture of your favourite memory/area of FS2 that I can share with our new starters to help them settle.



  • Write sentences about your favourite toy for your friends and teachers to guess, e.g. 
  1. It has wheels
  2. It moves on a track.
  3. It carries passengers.


  • Practice reading/learning phase 2/3/4 tricky words (see document below). Challenge is to put them in a sentence.
  • Spelling as many high frequency words as you can (see documents below).
  • Check your phase 2/3 phonics (see document below) on our sound mat, write lists of words and put them in a sentence.
  • As much as possible write on lines, remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Keep going with both lower case and upper case correct letter formation.



  • 1 more, 1 less, practise up to 20.
  • Make a maths game with your grown up. + and -. Write a mixture of calculations on one set of cards and the answers on another.
  • Place them face down on the floor with space in between, separating questions and answers.
  • Pick a calculation card and work out the answer.
  • Pick an answer card, if it matches keep them and you have 1 point. If not return to the pile and play again.
  • Don't forget number formation practise.



Enjoy the summer and practise the skills we have learnt:

  • Finding a space
  • Balancing
  • Running, skipping, jumping and hopping
  • Climbing
  • Scoring games
  • Turn taking
  • Bike and scooter riding


I know it has been a very strange start to your school life, but I am very impressed with how well you have all coped. I have loved being your class teacher and I am very proud of all your achievements. We have all missed those who couldn't come back to school but I have loved our phone chats!

Have a great summer everyone and I will see you all next year as Year 1s. WOW!