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Harthill Primary School

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W/C 15th June 2020


  • Make a model/collage of a sunflower.
  • Draw/paint a lighthouse.
  • What lives under the sea? Choose a creature. Draw and colour, remembering to pick the correct colour and stay within the lines.




  • Can you label your sunflower? Write your labels, cut them out and stick them on your model/collage.
  • Write a sentence about your lighthouse, telling me why a lighthouse is important.
  • Find and write some facts about your sea creature.



Repeating patterns. 

  • Can you draw 3 shapes cut them out and draw round them to create your pattern. tell your grown up which shape comes next. Can you colour your patterns so they repeat?
  • Order your toys , repeating the pattern.
  • Adding and taking away, keep going.


Keep going with the phonics learning:


Physical Education

Go outside as much as possible. Keep going with throwing and catching and bouncing and catching.