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Home Learning WC 1.6.20

Writing Challenge

This writing challenge is intended to last 2 weeks

Taking Flight

Week 1:

Watch the clip above and choose from the following activities:

  • Describe how the boys feelings change throughout the clip and why.
  • Draw the setting and add descriptive labels
  • This image from the clip contains lots of gadgets and gizmos (modern and from the past) - choose one to describe in detail. Remember to include interesting adjectives to make your writing more engaging to the reader. 
  • What could the boy and his Grandad be talking about? Write dialogue between the characters remembering to use the correct punctuation for speech. 

Week 2:

Complete 1 longer piece of writing this week. Here are some ideas you might want to choose from:

  • Describe one of the adventures in detail.  Start with the line, "I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when... "
  • In the film we do not see the alien, in your narrative Tony could meet one of them.  Describe the alien, create the dialogue that is had between the alien, Tony and Grandpa. 
  • Continue the narrative and add in your own adventure. 


Remember to email me your writing when you have finished!

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Activities

Learn about present perfect tense and have a go at the activities - this will come in handy in the SPAG mystery!


Year 4 extra challenge - can you make your own poster to explain the present perfect tense?

Choose a different spelling rule to practice from the Year 3 and 4 spellings, select 'Spelling Tiles' then choose  game to play. I like the word search but it's up to you!
Maths Activities

Use the posters to learn about types of triangles and types of quadrilaterals then have a go at the activities. 


Challenge - can you make different triangles and quadrilaterals and send me photos? You could use Lego, sticks, kitchen utensils - get creative but remember to write a label for it!

Have a go at the appropriate arithmetic questions - let me know if there are any sections you need more help with and I will focus on this in the next few weeks. 
Mrs F-J Emotions Challenge

History Project

This weekend we say the launch of the Space X rocket to the International Space Station. Can you find out about space travel through history? If you're stuck, Neil Armstrong and Helen Sharman are good ones to start with!


Present what you have learnt in any way you like - through a timeline, poster, Powerpoint, PurpleMash or even filming yourself giving a news report. Remember to email me!

Science Activities

One linked to your Space learning and an extra to enjoy in the sun!

Ice Cream in a Bag