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Harthill Primary School

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W/C 18th May 2020

Listen to our summer must read Dogger by Shirley Hughes. 

  • Draw/paint a picture of your favourite toy and write a sentence about it. You could include, what it's called, how long you have had it, how did you get it or how does it work. 


Extra sentence writing

  • Draw/paint a picture of your garden. Write a sentence to describe what you can see.
  • Go on a minibeast hunt, draw and write about what you find

Remember a capital letter at the start, finger spaces and a full stop at the end



Next half term we are looking at money.

  • Ask your grown up to show you the coins in value order, place them in a line
  • Draw around them cut them out and with help order them underneath the real coins
  • Collect lots of your toys together and make price tags for them in pennies, up to 15 pence
  • Play toy shops, choosing two items and adding them together



  • On your minibeast hunt collect sticks, stones, leaves, grass or anything else you think you will need to make a bug hotel. Write down instructions for us to follow when we get back to school to create our own.
  • Draw your favourite minibeast  (make it large) on a piece of paper and using paper, fabric and any recycling materials make a collage of your bug. Cut out your minibeast and attach it to a stick with string so you can make it move (as if it is on the end of a fishing rod).


Keep going with letters and sounds for home and school phonics and Joe Wicks