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Harthill Primary School

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W/C 1st June 2020

This half term our must read is The train ride. We will be thinking about holidays and how the coast looks different to Harthill.

Once you have listened to the story can you write a sentence about Harthill, a sentence about the countryside and a sentence about the seaside.

Creative task

Paint or draw a picture of what you might find at the coast, this could be a beach scene or the pier, fairground etc. Label your picture.

Make a train out of boxes, can you include some carriages and maybe people waving at the window.

Can you make a train big enough for you to sit in! Maybe under a table or using cushions.

Write a step by step list of instructions for a friend to follow so they can make your train.

Make tickets for your passengers with their names and where they started their journey and their destination at the seaside. (Cleethorpes)


Cut out a range of 2d shapes that your adult has drawn, these could include a triangle, square, rectangle, circle etc can you make a beach/rock pool shape picture?

Keep going with our shopping theme. You could have a rock shop or a fish and chip shop, don't forget to make price lists and a menu.


Writing your  surname. I know some of you can but everyone needs to give it a go!