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W/C 22nd June 2020

This Week...




  • Van Gogh's sunflowers. We are colour mixing and painting in the style of the artist, have a go!
  • We are making collages of sea creatures, then using string, lolly sticks, pipe cleaners and split pins/paper clips make them move.
  • Make some binoculars to help you look out to sea, from the shore or your lighthouse.
  • Paint/colour a picture of what you saw on your deep sea dive.



  • Imagine you have dived down deep in the ocean. Write a sentence about what you can see under the sea. You could draw pictures to illustrate your writing.
  • Label the your under the sea scene. Include creatures, seaweed,coral,shells etc.
  • Write a sentence about what you can see through your binoculars out at sea.



We are continuing with + and - as some children are confusing the signs.

PRINT OUT THE MATHS SENTENCE CARDS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Or... if you don't have a printer, make some flash cards with calculations:






11+7=    etc

Turn them face down, pick one at a time using objects to physically work out the answer.

+ - using dominoes or dice.



Obstacle course: design a range of activities to focus on jumping, hopping, skipping, jogging and running.


Keep up: