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W/C 29th June 2020 Y6 WORLD STUDIES

Biomes - week 5


Each week we would like you to focus your learning on a different biome. You need to create your own project and may present it in any way you would like.


Week 1: Introduction to biomes

Week 2: Tundra

Week 3: Aquatic

Week 4: Desert

Week 5: Rainforest

Week 6: Forest

Week 7: Grassland

Rainforests | Geography - Ecosystems and Biomes

Ferne Corrigan explains the climate and the plants and animals living in the different layers of the rainforest biome, with a p...

The Tropical Rainforest Biome Facts

The tropical rainforest facts. The biome called the tropical rainforest is found around the equator. The rainforest is hot, humid, and receives over 100 inch...