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W/C 29th June 2020

FS2 - Can you guess this week's theme from the pictures?





  • Draw/paint a rock pool scene - what lives under the water?
  • Can you make a rock pool? You could use a box, paint inside for the ocean and sea bed.Draw/paint and cut out your sea creatures, add them and make rocks, seaweed, shells. Put holes in the top of your box, hang string and make your fish to hang so if you pull the string from above the box they are swimming through the rock pool.
  • Can you turn your paddling pool or bath into a rock pool? What can you catch? If you don't have a net, use a sieve or colander.



  • Label your rock pool.
  • Write a sentence about what you have caught on your trip to the rock pool.
  • Choose a rock pool creature and create a fact file that tells me everything you know about it.



  • Make a board game based on snakes and ladders. For a challenge make your board finish at 30!  Draw and colour or paint your board as an under the sea scene. You could slide down the octopus tentacle or climb the sea horse spines. I hope you win!



Can you hit a ball with a bat towards a target? Make sure you do this outside! Count how many times. Try and beat your score.


Keep up with phonics: