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W/C 4th May 2020

Lidster's List (W/C 4th May 2020)


Stanley's Stick

  • Watch our 'must-read' Stanley's Stick (In the Summer Term Reads)
  • Find a stick that looks interesting and make it into something useful
  • Write about your stick and the adventure you have
  • Draw around 5 sticks and cut them out to practise your cutting skills
  • Find 5 sticks and arrange them into height order (you could also do this game with household objects)


Queen Elizabeth II

  • Draw a picture and write about one of her homes
  • Draw a picture of a castle and label it
  • Can you use recycled materials to make the Crown Jewels and make a list of the resources you used


Number Formation

  • Keep counting numbers up to 20 - focus on number formation 0-20 and back 20-0
  • Keep going with + and - use objects in your house to help you


Don't forget letter and sounds, phonics, and  Joe Wicks on You Tube ;-)