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W/C 6th July 2020

FS2 - Can you guess this week's theme?





  • Make a sandcastle in your sand pit or with your construction blocks. See how inventive you can be.
  • Draw/colour/paint a sandcastle that you have made on the beach, don't forget to include pebbles, shells and flags.
  • Design a flag for your sandcastle. Make sure your designs tell me something about you and what you like, you could divide your flag into 4 sections.



  • Ask a grown up to draw lines for you to sit your letters on, this is another step to get Year 1 ready.
  • Write step by step instructions to tell a friend how to make your sandcastle. Don't forget to write a list of what you need. You could write a step each day.
  • Look at our tricky word list, choose a word and put it into a sentence. Remember capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Don't make your writing too big!
  • Learn our new phase 4 tricky words said, have, come, were



  • We are counting in 2's.
  • Group your toys in pairs and count them, how high can you go to 20.
  • Ask your grown up to say an even number up to 10, can you tell them 2 more?
  • Make flash cards 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Play a game with your grown up. Place them in order then close your eyes, your grown up takes a card away. Can you guess the card? If you want a challenge add more cards in 2's up to 20.


Ongoing Skills:



Hopefully the weather will be nice this week so try and get outside as much as possible.

We are still working on targets, using footballs, bats including cricket bats and hockey sticks. How many points can you score?


Or try this game:

Target Treasure

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