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W/C 8th June 2020 Y6 WORLD STUDIES

Biomes - week 2


Each week we would like you to focus your learning on a different biome. You need to create your own project and may present it in any way you would like.


Week 1: Introduction to biomes

Week 2: Tundra

Week 3: Aquatic

Week 4: Desert

Week 5: Rainforest

Week 6: Forest

Week 7: Grassland

What Are Tundras? | National Geographic

Derived from the Finnish word tunturia, meaning treeless or barren land, tundra is the coldest and driest of all biomes. Despite these extreme conditions, th...

Tundra biome facts

Tundra biome facts. In this video, enjoy pictures and video clips of this cold biome. The tundra can be divided into two types. The arctic tundra and the alp...