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W/C 8th June 2020


  • Write a postcard to your friend, telling them what you have been doing on your holiday to the seaside.
  • Draw/colour a picture on the other side of your favourite holiday activity,e.g eating icecream, a donkey ride etc.
  • Write a list of items you need to pack in your suitcase for your holiday to the coast



  • Can you make a boat out of recycling resources? Test it to see if it will float. You could make a sail or oars. Can you fit your lego figures or playmobil in it.
  • Draw/colour or paint a picture of a harbour. You could include the walls, a lighthouse, different boats and don't forget the seagulls.



  • Draw pictures of activities in your daily routine in time order. Morning/afternoon/evening.
  • Write a sentence about 1 thing you do in a morning/afternoon/evening or night. Make sure your sentences  include these key words.
  • Chose your morning or evening routine. Draw the items you use eg toothbrush, clothing, shower, food etc. Cut them out and order your pictures, starting with your first job.

*See printable below if you wish to use



  • Focus on your writing size. Remember not too big!
  • Keep going with letter and number formation. Follow the rules of when to keep your pencil on and when to take it off.
  • Estimate to give a sensible guess. Ask your grown up to put some items in a jar, like sweets or beads etc. Make sure you can see in the jar. Guess the amount. (keep the items 20 or less)

Maths Daily Routine Sequencing Ideas