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W/C Monday 15th June



This weeks maths continues to focus on decimals but we will begin to look at rounding decimals (task 1) as well as comparing and ordering decimals (task 2).  Both of the videos to support these lessons can be found on the White Rose website, week 7.  Task 3 involves adding numbers with decimals.  Be careful and make sure you line up the numbers correctly before you add them.  The video for task 3 can be found on week 8 of White Rose


Well done to those of you who helped us take on Year 3/4 in the TT Rockstars challenge last week.  Look out for more of these challenges in the weeks to come. 

Please continue to use TT Rockstars as well as the bbc bitesize Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica




This week you have three comprehensions to download and complete. They are all from Twinkl Newsroom and hopefully should help you with ideas for words and phrases to magpie for this week's writing too.


Don't forget to keep reading if you've not already run out of books during lockdown. If you need new reading material, remember that you have an Active Learn/ Bug Club account that you can log on to. If you have a library card you can also sign up to read e-books and e-magazines. 

Rotherham residents:

Sheffield residents:


The pregnant male seahorse revelation (See task 3) has astounded me! I had to google and see how they gave birth. It is really interesting. If anyone wants to see for themselves, follow the link below. (This clip has an advert first so please check with your parents if they would rather open the link and skip the advert before you view)  




You will need to have completed tasks 1,2 and 3 from last week before beginning this week's writing. Don't forget to follow your plan!  


Task 1 a)Watch this week's happy news from Newsround 

            b) Write your introduction and news item 1. Please ensure that you read it back to yourself and edit for sense, spelling and vocabulary. Below is an example of what your writing may look like today. 


Hello and welcome to ‘Breakfast happy news’ with me, Mrs Naylor. This week we have some heart-warming stories that are sure to put a smile on your lockdown face. As it was World Oceans Day last week, today, we are celebrating and thinking about the animals in our vast oceans on Earth.


Have you ever seen a ‘Spiny Seahorse’ before? Conservationists in Dorset were surprised to have found 16 of these cute little fish in Studland Bay.  Among the sightings included some pregnant males! Unlike most other animals, the egg from the female develops in male seahorses' pouches in which they can hold around 2000 eggs at a time. The last time they were seen was back in 2018! If you’re wondering why they have been spotted again, scientists believe that it is thanks to lockdown restrictions across the country. There have been fewer boats and people in the area therefore noise pollution and damage to habitats has been drastically reduced. I think we can add this to an ever increasing list of benefits to lockdown, what do you think?


Task 2 - Write about news item 2. Please ensure that you read it back to yourself and edit for sense, spelling and vocabulary. 


Task 3 - Write news item 3 and your ending. Please ensure that you read it back to yourself and edit for sense, spelling and vocabulary. 


Next week, your first task will be to film yourself reading this news report. We will only post these on the class page if we have your permission so please don't worry if you don't want it to be shared.