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W/C Monday 15th June

Writing challenge

The week will be based around creative writing. See the fantastic image and story starter below...

"I was stood at the bottom of the steps, on the soft lush grass, when I awoke in my pyjamas."

Activity 1: 

Description - Look at the picture above. Thinking about the image, texts you have read with similar settings and personal experiences can you write a list of vocabulary linked to the picture? Think carefully about the five senses to help your description and what can be seen up close in detail and what is further away. To plan or record these ideas you could list things under each of the five senses or start with vocabulary linked to the steps, the beach, the sea, the flowers, the grass, the clouds etc.


Activity 2:

Main character - Think about the 'I' in the story starter, "I was stood at the bottom of the steps, on the soft lush grass, when I awoke in my pyjamas.". Is this character going to be male, female, a fairy tale type character, an elderly person, an animal or could it be you? Draw out your character and add labels to describe their personality and looks.


Setting - Next, think about the setting at the top of the steps, could it be a castle, a park, a cave, a rain forest, a palace, a candy world or other imaginative setting? Draw a picture and describe it using adjectives or expanded noun phrases to add detail.


Additional characters - In this setting, what type of characters will your main character meet? You could draw them and add simple descriptions. Do they help or hinder your character? Are they fierce, bold, scary or helpful? What are they wearing? See the documents below for inspiration and ideas.


Activity 3:

Planning -

  • Opening

Where is the character and what are they doing in their normal life?

  • Build up

Where do they go? Or what happens to the character?

In this story the character goes to sleep and appears to wake up at the bottom of the steps.

  • Problem

What problem needs to be solved or does the main character need help with? Could they come across somebody who needs their help? Think about other films and stories you have read and seen. Could something be lost or found, a character be injured or hurt, a spell be cast or a character needing help?

  • Resolution

How is the problem solved and who by? Does the main character have a talent or skill that helps the problem be solved?

  • Ending

Where does the story end? Are all of the characters happy? Does the main character return home or stay in the new world? Does the main character learn anything?


You could plan your story our using a story board, using boxes to draw pictures. Or you could draw pictures on a  large piece of paper and use a simple arrow to mean 'next'. These should just be ideas in preparation for next week. 

See attachments below for ideas of how to set things out and record. You do not have to use all of the templates they are just a guide.

SPaG challenge

Activity 1:

Identifying errors in writing

Lesson, video and activities -


Activity 2:

Using commas in lists when writing statements

Lesson, video and activities -

Activity 3:

Spelling - Ask an adult to read the words from the video, listen carefully and spell. Check them after against the video and then work on the ones you spelled incorrectly over the week.

Spelling Bee Year 2 Words

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Spelling Bee Year 3 Words

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Maths challenge

Activity 1:


Y2 - 2D Shape

Y3 - 2D Shape - Perimeter -


Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Shape activity

With balls of modelling clay, play doh, glue or construction equipment, what 3D shapes can you make?

For extra related tasks see

History challenge

Earlier in the year we learnt about the life of Rosa Parks. Now, more than ever her story is so important to share with others.

See video,

We watched this amazing clip at school. Watch with a family member or alone and talk to them about it. During different parts of the clip, think about:

  • How do the white people feel?
  • How do the black people feel?
  • How does it make YOU feel?
  • How does it make your sibling or adult feel?

Think about a way in which you could share her message. Could you write a poem, retell the story, create a picture book on PurpleMash, tell the story in a video, write a newspaper report, make a quiz for the class, act out the story or even create a puppet show?


To create on PurpleMash log in and go to Tools > 2Create a story > My story

PSHE Challenge

This week I'd like you to think carefully about what makes you, YOU! What makes you different to everyone else on this planet? What is there to be celebrated? How do you look? What have you experienced? I'd like you to create a poem called 'This is me.'. You could start your poem with

My name is __________


and then use some of the ideas from below. You coudl finish them off with one word or add description and extend the sentence usign and, or, if, so, when, but. You can use the sentences starters in any order and use the same ones several times if you like. Hopefully everybody's should be very different! You could write it up neatly and then add some pictures or drawings to illustrate.


My hair is ___________

I have ____________

I am _____ years old

I like _____________

I dislike ____________

I have ___ brothers and sisters _____

I am __________ and ___________

Sometimes I _______________

I always _______________

In difficult situations I ________________

I love ____________

In the morning I ________________

At school I_________________

At home I ________________

My family____________________

My favourite colour is _________________

I like to eat _________________

When I am cold I _____________________

When I am happy I __________________

When I am sad I__________________

I find ________________ difficult

I find ________________ easy


This is me.