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W/C Monday 1st June

Welcome back to Summer Term 2. 

The Y5 team miss you all very much. We hope that you and your families are well and that you enjoyed the sunshine during last week's spring bank holiday. This week we are back to our usual three tasks for reading, writing and maths as well as a range of wider curriculum tasks. Please email in examples of the work you are doing at home so we can see what you are doing. We will give you feedback on work that doesn't have an answer sheet. If you need help, we are here for you!

Class email address :



Please note: Mrs Booth and Mrs Naylor will be making phone calls to all families in our class over the next two weeks. We will be calling from a withheld number so please bear this in mind when screening calls. We look forward to speaking with you soon.



From feedback received, we have selected another Twinkl Original book with daily reading lessons on Youtube.


For those of you sharing laptops with siblings or parents, can you instead access Youtube on  a mobile phone, playstation or Smart TV if you have one? To find the book, search the key words 'Twinkl Daily Reading Firebird'. 


Task 1 - Watch and join in with the lesson 'Firebird  - Part One'


Task 2 - Watch and join in with the lesson 'Firebird - Part Two'


Task 3 - Watch and join in with the lesson 'Firebird -  Part Three'


This week is all about poetry.


Task 1 - Emotions challenge (see document below)The first challenge is a follow up from when Mrs Foxley Johnson last visited us and delivered the Emoji-Joe workshops. 


Task 2 - Lockdown poem. Select a song and rewrite the lyrics to create your own Lockdown poem. See Mrs Naylor's example in the document below. In this, I took the lyrics to The Beatles' song 'Imagine' and rewrote them to create my own poem. You can select the same poem or one of your choosing. 


Task 3 - Handwriting and presentation. We have worked hard on handwriting and presentation this year and I would like to think that you've still got the ability to present your work as beautifully as you did before lockdown began. Handwrite and illustrate a 'best' copy of your lockdown poem. You may wish to practise your handwriting or illustrations on scrap paper (the back of an envelope maybe) before committing to your best piece. 


This week's maths continues our work on fractions.  The resources are taken from White Rose Maths (Week 6) and all the videos to support the learning can be found there.


Please continue to use Times Table Rock Stars two or three times a week if possible


For those of you who haven't already found it BBC Bitesize has an online game 'Guardians Defenders of Mathematica.'  After the training session you can select different areas of maths to answer questions on.  You can choose your character and collect equipment to support you on your maths missions.  Give it a try and let us know how you get on.