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W/C Monday 22nd June

Hello everyone. 


We hope that you are all well. We are missing you all and are really proud of the hard work that a lot of you are putting in at home with your learning. 


For those of who who have lost your motivation a bit recently, see this week as a fresh start and do your best. Mrs Booth and Mrs Naylor are both back at school and can give you a call, print off something for you or provide guidance via email. We are here to support you so please ask if you need help. 


Email address: 



Task 1 - Read your news report through, highlighting key words so that when you read it aloud tomorrow, you can look down at your writing and then speak back to the camera. The idea is that today, you will learn some of your script and highlight enough to make it easy to use tomorrow. 


Task 2 - Today is your chance to be a news reporter. Dress up smartly, if you fancy, and record yourself reading the news report. If you want to spend time editing it to add in music or special effects, feel free. VivaVideo is a good free app that you might like to try. 

A message from Mrs Naylor about task one and two

Still image for this video

Mrs Naylor's Happy News

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I've recorded my introduction and news item 1 as I felt a bit bad about asking you to film yourselves without doing it myself.

A few notes:

- Task 1 is worth doing!
- Ask a family member to film you, you might feel more relaxed talking to them behind the camera rather than talking just to a camera .
- It took me four attempts to film this as I couldn't say 'spiky seahorses' to save my life.



We are now beginning a new unit of narrative writing entitled 'The Stadium'


Task 3 -The Stadium

Look at the picture below. This will be your writing stimulus for next week. If you answer these questions as in depth as you can today, it will help you build your writing ideas for next week. 


What is this place?

How has it changed over the years?

What used to happen here?

What happens here now?

Why has it changed so much?

Will it ever be the same again?

Have you ever been to a stadium?

What did you see happening there?

Why are stadiums like this built?



Listen to Jo read 'How to Skin a Bear' and answer her questions as you listen, remembering to pause to give you chance to record your answer. 


Task 1  How to Skin a Bear - Part One


Task 2 How to Skin a Bear - Part Two


Task 3 How to Skin a Bear - Part Three


This week we will continue with our work linked to decimals.  The first task is a continuation of the addition work you ended on last week.  This time the numbers don't always have the same amount of decimals so make sure you line up your numbers carefully before adding them together.  Task 2 and 3 look at subtraction of decimals.  The video to support task 1 can be found on the White Rose website, year five home learning, week 8.  Tasks 2 and 3 are taken from week 9.


Please continue to use TT Rockstars at least twice a week.  Try to use a mixture of both the studio mode and the garage mode to make sure you are really testing yourself.


If you fancy a change from TT Rockstars then the website below can also be used to practise your times tables.  Read the instructions carefully before you begin and select the times tables you want to be tested on.  Challenge yourselves, you can choose all the times tables if you want.


This week will be a Y2-6 Boys vs Girls on TTRockstars. From 9.15 Monday morning to 9.15 Friday morning - Winners announced on Friday dinner time! Every point counts, good luck!