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W/C Monday 22nd June

Writing challenge

"I was stood at the bottom of the steps, on the soft lush grass, when I awoke in my pyjamas."

Activity 1:

Last week you were asked to think about the description of the setting and characters and to begin planning your imaginative story. This week I would like you to write your story. This can be over a few days, be a draft, redrafted piece with a final write up or you could record yourself reading your story to share with others.


Your story could be pages long set out into paragraphs for each section of the story or 1 sentence explaining each part of the story. It's up to you to push yourself to achieve your personal best. 

Think carefully about using all of the things you have been revisiting over the last few weeks

  • conjunctions to add detail and make sentences longer, and, if, so, when, but, because 'She bravely knocked on the heavy, wooden door but nobody answered.'
  • use verbs and adverbs to say what and how the character is doing something, 'She ran eagerly up the steps and stopped half way to carefully check the way behind her.'
  • adjectives to add more detail to a noun 'The clever fox stared at the timid girl with his wide golden eyes.'
  • apostrophe to show possession 'All of a sudden the wizard's wand shot out a bolt of light.'


Remember there are some great sentence starters we have used a a document below to give you some ideas of how to start a sentence in a different way.

Activity 2:

Edit your story. Read your story again out loud. Carry out the 5 read through's

  1. Check your piece makes sense - Are there any words missing?
  2. Check punctuation - Capital letters, full stop, exclamation, comma, question mark
  3. Check for description - Adjectives, adverbs to show clarity
  4. Check the tense is correct - Is it in the past tense?
  5. Check spellings - Look carefully at words that can be spelt using phonics and the common exception words for your year group (See below).


You can change or edit your work with another coloured pen or pencil or you could rewrite soem sentences to improve them.


Activity 3:

Reading - This week try the 60 second reads. They are quick to read or listen to and each question targets a different reading skill. If you need support reading ask an adult to read for you and you can answer the questions. Reading is not just about barking out the words but understanding what has been read.

Don't forget, there are plenty of allocated books on your BugClub account. If you don't know your log in OR if you'd like more/different books email me too. send me an email to

SPaG Challenge

Activity 1:

Editing your written story. This includes all elements of SPaG.


Activity 2:


Activity 3:

To identify and use expanded noun phrases. These always make a huge difference to a child's writing. Whether it be an information text, instructions, setting description, letter or a story. Follow the Oak National Academy lesson below

Maths Challenge

Activity 1:

Time - See learner guides available here


Activity 2:

Time - White Rose Maths

I suggest starting with the Y1 material and working your way up with time. Time can be tricky so make sure your start at the bottom and work your way up.

Activity 3:

Becoming familiar with time.


Find a stop watch or timer on a phone iPad or similar and time an activity.

This could be timing someone to do something for example to do 10 star jumps.

You could also set challenges to do in a minute or less eg. pick up all the toys and put them away, collect 10 different leaves from the garden, find as many items in the house beginning with 'g' in 1 minute.

Then think about 1 hour. Could you create a time table of daily activities with things that could take an hour?

Ensure to use language related to the day, month and year. Each day can you recall the long date? Eg. Monday 22nd of June 2020. Refer to a calendar if you need to.


This week will be a Y2-6 Boys vs Girls on TTRockstars. From 9.15 Monday morning to 9.15 Friday morning - Winners announced on Friday dinner time! Every point counts, good luck!



Geography Challenge

This week have a look at the David Attenborough video about 'The World:Latitude and Climate'.

There are some animals that David has added to the map. Once you have watched the video several times to become familiar to the location of the climates think about which animals will live where. Can you place and locate some other animals? Print the amp below and add some animals. Could you draw them, cut them out and stick OR you could research different animals and find their location on the map using the coordinates. Remember, 'along the corridor, up the stairs' Eg. Kangaroo - I3 - Australia.


Have a think about the habitat and the climate available to the animal. Could a panda live in Greenland? Could orangutans survive in Russia?

If you fancy a relax and a listen. Check out the documentary below which shows different forest habitats in different climates.

Our Planet | Forests | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. In thi...

French Challenge

Revisit the French greetings song.

French Greetings Song for Children

Check out the Peppa Pig - Shopping video below.

Listen out for some of the foods learnt previously or have a look at the document and video below. To turn on English subtitles Click on the cog > Subtitles > Auto Translate > English

Peppa Pig Français | La pastèque géante | Dessin Animé Pour Enfant

Abonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube de Peppa Pig! ► #PeppaPig #PeppaPigenFrancais #PeppaPigFrancais Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle ...

Fruits and Vegetables in French | Learn French easy

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