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W/C Monday 29th June

Welcome back to another week of home learning! 


From phone calls home and the emails we have read, it has been nice to see that some of you have regained motivation after losing it over the previous few weeks. 


If you are struggling to get going and would like us to write you a timetable to spread out the tasks over the week for you or you need us to call and give you a pep talk, let us know. Your parents can call the office at school or email us on the address below.


Please remember: we would like at least one piece of work emailing in every week so we can read it and send feedback. Our email address is 





This week our maths work focuses on angles.  The videos can be all be found on week 10 of the White Rose Website


Task 1 looks at how to use a protractor to measure angles accurately.  For the last few questions you will need to use a protractor but if you don't have one at home don't worry you can miss those questions out.  Tasks 2 and 3 focus on how to calculate missing angles on a straight line and angles around at point.  You don't need any equipment to solve these problems.


If you would like to use your knowledge of angles to complete an online mission follow the link below.  Don't forget to let us know how you get on.


As usual please continue to use TTRockstars and the bbc bitesize maths mission Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica


Keep up the hard work.



Using the picture from last week, we would like you to plan and write a five paragraph narrative. 



- Some dialogue (not loads though, you need a balance of speech and narration)

- Expanded noun phrases. I have included an optional powerpoint for anyone who wants a recap on these

- A range of sentence openers. 

- Conjunctions to expand sentences.




Task 1 - Plan your writing. Use the planning frame and select some vocabulary from the descriptosaurus. 


Task 2 - Write point 1. Focus on using enough description that the reader will be able to close their eyes and picture the story. Edit for sense,  punctuation and vocabulary. 


Task 3 - Write point 2. Again, focus on your description please. Edit for sense,  punctuation and vocabulary. 



Task 1 - How to skin a bear - Part four - Watch and join in with Jo's guided reading lesson


Task 2 - How to skin a bear - Part five - Watch and join in with Jo's guided reading lesson


Task 3 - Download and complete the reading comprehension below