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W/C Monday 8th June

Writing challenge

This week will be based around factual writing. Image that Harthill is going to have a new aquarium built over the summer holidays. Our class are required to help produce and information leaflet to persuade people to go and to give them some facts about the animals and attractions.

Activity 1:

Reading - Firstly being by finding out some facts through reading. This may be from an animal facts book, encyclopedia, the internet or from some of the documents added below. To write a good piece of factual writing you will need lots of facts! Think about the different types of animals that you would like to have at the aquarium and that you will promote through your leaflet with amazing facts! Some examples are:

  • Jelly fish
  • Shark
  • Puffer fish
  • Dolphin
  • Manta ray
  • Sea horse
  • Penguin
  • Star fish
  • Limpet
  • Clown fish
  • Crab

 You could even add pictures or diagrams to your facts to give extra detail.

Activity 2:


To add to our facts we need to describe the creatures and animals that people would be able to come and see. Think carefully about what the animal looks like, why it has the parts that it does, how is it adapted to live where it lives. You could use conjunctions like 'and, because, so, if and when' to add extra detail. See the document added below for some adjectives you could use for a range of animals. You could even check out some videos on YouTube to see how the animals move and interact.(See example below).

Great reasons to visit The Deep in Hull!

Discover The Deep in Hull in our new video - a great family day out.

Activity 3:

Putting together a leaflet!

I have added a template for a Word Document leaflet below. I have also added a purple mash version onto the children's Purple Mash account under 2Dos (The red clipboard). You could also use some paper, pencil and a ruler to create your own leaflet template. You could stick things on, add flaps, make it fold and even add photos drawings and colour.

You could use pen and paper to draft and then add on to PurpleMash as a final piece.


What to include

  • Title - name of the aquarium
  • Introduction - A hook to make the aquarium sound amazing to the reader, may just be a sentence or two
  • Headings - Could be the name of animals or name of an experience, for example dive show, penguin feeding, whale shark feed and touchpool sessions. These will guide the reader around your leaflet. Ensure under a heading there is a paragraph to follow related to that heading.
  • Extras - You may want to add a section called 'How to find us' or 'Where to eat' where you suggest places to eat in the village and describe how to find the aquarium in Harthill. Is it near the ponds? Spenn's field? Or out towards Clowne? How far from the motor way?
  • Images/Pictures - You could add these using clipart, draw them on or even use the images on PurpleMash.
  • Get creative! - Make the aquarium sound really exciting and inviting by using varied vocabulary. Eg 'Come and see the breathtaking Harthill aquarium where we house the largest variety of  sea life species in the UK.'

Sea Life Examples below

If creating on PurpleMash send to the 'Aquarium Leaflet' display board. Click the 3 white lines in the top left corner and press 'Share' > 'Add to display board'' > 'Aquarium leaflet

To see completed work on the display board click



If you are creating on Microsoft word or by hand take a photo or save and send to the class email


SPaG Challenge

Activity 1:


Y2 - Focus on the lessons and videos which involve learning about the use of an exclamation mark, question mark, commas in a list and brackets as a challenge. See the following link for all lessons

Y3-Focus on the lessons and videos which involve learning about the use of apostrophes for contraction, apostrophes for possession and how to use commas in sentences.


Activity 2:

Punctuation continued

Y2-Read the sentences and add the correct punctuation then write your own sentences which include one of each of the pieces of punctuation.


Have a go at these grammar and punctuation challenge cards to consolidate previous learning.

If you get stuck see the link below and scroll down you will see questions such as 'what is an adverb?' and it will give you a lesson to remind you.

Activity 3:

Spelling - Take a look at the amazing 'Spelling shed'  app. They have a 30 day free trial at the moment without needing to put any card details in.

'Our game has been developed to be ‘dyslexia friendly’ using the ‘Open Dyslexic’ font and has three levels of difficulty to support pupils of all abilities through the spelling lists with appropriate degrees of challenge.

With over 4,000 spellings from the National Curriculum, including disambiguation phrases for homophones, teachers will be able to track pupils progress through the objectives from Y1 – Y6. The app is fully customisable through the ‘Your Lists’ section which allows teachers and students to import custom lists.

Our app also allows full offline play and scanning of QR codes to both import lists as well as for pupils to sign in to their account.'


Or for FREE visit

Maths challenge

Activity 1:

White Rose Maths videos and activity sheets.

There is a document which includes video links to each lesson and a doanloadable sheet to go with it for each year group. See below.

Activity 2:

Maths mysteries!

Have a look at the 'maths mystery' for your year group and try to solve using the maths knowledge and understanding you have. If you need support ask an adult. This activity works best printed as you may need to cross of some possibilities to solve the mystery. See below

Activity 3:

Arithmetic. Click the documents to view. Print and write answers or view on screen and record.



1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36


1. The number is odd.
2. It is a multiple of three.
3. It is smaller than 7×4.
4. Its tens digit is even.
5. It is the greater of the two possibilities.

What could my number be?


Have a go at writing your own list which will help somebody guess your number.


The Times Tables Rockstar battle is back. Boys against girls! I am looking into some other challenges on there for next week. It could be beat the teacher at a select time and day or a piece of clothing to try and achieve.

Art Challenge

To make a self portrait using natural or recycled materials inspired by the work of Jane Perkins.

See the Oak National Academy lesson below or Google 'Jane Perkins' for some inspiration.

Art Attack - 'Peacock' Big Art

Brand new Art Attack is coming to Disney Junior this summer! Head to for more information and downloadable Activity Sheets!

Ball skills challenge

I tried to find a good range of balls skills for you guys to have a go at at home with any balls you have lying around. I found this great video but the sound isn't great. Have a go and see which skill syou can master!

PE at home! Basic Ball Skills

Practice your tiny tosses, hamster rolls, around the world, rainbow passes, and flip catches with me!