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W/C Monday 8th June


Maths activities this week focus on multiplying fractions as well as becoming more familiar with the link between decimals and fractions.  Once again the videos to support each of the tasks can be found on the White Rose website  The video for task 1 is from week 6, tasks 2 and 3 can be found on week 7.  


For those of you who fancy an extra challenge follow the link to the Transum Mathematics website  Can you complete the puzzle?  Each puzzle has 12 numbered counters which you need to fit into a hexagonal grid.  The sum of the numbers along each line of 5 should be the same.  There are several puzzles to complete if you feel up for the challenge - let us know how you get on.


TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS - log in and get playing. We have a battle set against Year 3/4. 


This week we will finish the Firebird story so if you didn't do the reading tasks last week, you will need to go to to find links for part one, two and three. 


For those of you sharing laptops with siblings or parents, can you instead access Youtube on  a mobile phone, playstation or Smart TV if you have one? To find the book, search the key words 'Twinkl Daily Reading Firebird'. 


Task 1 - Watch and join in with the lesson 'Firebird  - Part Four'


Task 2 - Watch and join in with the lesson 'Firebird  - Part Five'


Task 3 - Write and illustrate a review of Firebird. Think about

  • What is the book about? 
  • What are the themes in the story? (Love, friendship, hope, jealousy, revenge, good V bad, power, courage, change, peace, growing up etc) 
  • Write a short summary of the story without giving the ending away. 
  • Is it similar to any books you've read before? Eg. If you enjoyed reading ... you will love Firebird because ... 



The world can seem like a pretty terrible place sometimes, especially when listening to the news. Over the next two weeks we will be writing a 'Happy News' script to read and host your own mini news show. 


Task 1 - Watch the Newsround 'Happy News' clip

Today you will need to research and choose three happy news stories that you are going to write about. These could be within your family, local or worldwide news items. Now, watch the clip again, this time making notes of key words and phrases that you could magpie for your own writing. 


Task 2 - headlines

Once you have chosen your three news items, you need to think of a short, snappy headline for each. Headlines often use alliteration, puns and humour.

Examples are 

  • It's snow joke
  • Bravest boy in Britain 
  • Peaches and scream! 

See the image below from Twinkl. 

Twinkl headlines


Task 3 - Plan your script. Use the IPEELL planning frame below (or draw a similar one of your own if you don't have a printed) to group your information together.