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To start today, please use your wipe-boards to practise your handwriting. We would like you to form the letters c and d in unjoined, cursive. See the video below.

Y1 Handwriting c and d

Main English Activity based on The Messy Magpie


Today we would like you to go on a Magpie Hunt around your house. See what different objects you can find, made out of the materials: 

  • paper/card
  • metal
  • plastic
  • glass
  • wood
  • fabric


Set your work out in your exercise book under the heading 'Magpie Hunt' and date '13/1/21'. Remember to keep your handwriting neat, and have a good go at sounding out the words.


If you have a printer and would rather print the activity sheet out, please see the following document:

Phonics reminder:

Please complete the Phonics assessment activities based on the sounds we have learnt this year so far (wh, ph). You will find these on Active Learn. 


Today's learning is all about recognising numbers and being able to order them by size. 


Warm up games to start (please choose from these);


  1. Using the 100 square (in pack or learning log) ask your child to choose a number, then tell them a number which is larger or smaller- can they recognise if the number you have just said is a bigger number or smaller number than the one they chose?
  2. Using LEGO bricks/ pasta/ small objects- ask your child to make 3 groups of objects. Can they count the number in each group and then put the groups in order from largest to smallest.
  3. Using the 1-20 number cards, shuffle them and choose 4 of them. Put them in order from largest to smallest.  Play a couple of times choosing at least 4 cards every time.  
  4. Using a wipeboard and pen, ask your child to write down 3 numbers (you may need to tell them so please use numbers up to 50)  and then ask them to order them from smallest to largest.

Maths activity (please record in books- no need to print)