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For today's maths we would like you to become the teacher.  Now you are all familiar with the written method for division we would like you to mark some division questions.  Some of the answers will be correct so you will just need to put a tick if you believe the working out is accurate.  If you decide an answer is wrong please can you explain where the person has made a mistake.  You all need to complete the first worksheet, worksheet 2 is for those of you who would like an extra challenge.

We are looking forward to seeing how you get on in your new role as teacher!




Following on from our work on inference on Monday we would like you to read the text below.  Before you begin can you think about the title of the text which is 'The Unexpected Guest.' 


What type of text do you think this could be? 

What does the word unexpected mean? 

Have you ever had an unexpected guest? 

How did you feel?


Next you need to read the text, read it aloud and then read it again in your head.  Any words that you don't know the meaning of can you please highlight or underline.  There are six words already highlighted for you.  Using a dictionary, either online or a paper copy if you have one, look up the meaning of each of the words you have highlighted along with the six we have chosen.  Record what each of these words means in your book. 


Finally read the text again to make sure you fully understand it.


Don't forget you need to have read chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Harry Potter by the end of the week.  Well done to those of you who are keeping up.


Plan a diary recount (from Harry P's point of view) about the events that happened on Halloween night. You must have read to the end of chapter 9 before doing this otherwise you will get really stuck! 


You will need 

- Emotions thesaurus word mat (learning pack) 

- Adverb word mat (learning pack)

- Printed copy of plan or  a pre drawn table similar to the planning frame to complete or you can edit the word document without printing if you'd prefer


Wednesday writing lesson - planning a diary recount

Mrs Naylor will talk you through her plan for Mr Filch's diary entry before you plan your own diary entry for Harry Potter.

Documents to support writing. You should have two of these in your learning pack already, they are just here if anyone has lost them already.