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To start today, please practise your handwriting - the letters 'k and l'. See the video below and join in on your wipe-boards. For further practise, have a go at forming the letters on the lines in your exercsie book:

Y1 Handwriting k and l


We are so pleased to see all the learning from our class text this week and are all very impressed with the ways you are all helping to save the world. Thinking of other ways to help the world (not just the ones in the book) can you talk to the grown ups in your house- ask Mummy, ask Daddy and anyone else who lives in your house too what they could do. 


Perhaps your grown up will let you ring up Nanny or your Aunty to ask them what they might do to help the world too. 


Take a look at the activity sheet to help you. Print if you wish OR it might be lovely to see pictures of the people you ask with speech bubbles to tell us what they say! 

English activity



Today we are going to learn more about fact families. The addition number sentences will be easy based on the last couple of days and the subtraction number sentences will be the trickier ones to work out!


Info for parents; Fact families are important in Maths as seeing the relationships within a fact family helps children to see that when you move the numbers and symbols around, the answer is still the same. It also helps when children see the part part whole model and you put the parts together, you get the whole. Likewise when you remove a part from the whole group, you're left with the other part. Finally fact families help show the relationship between addition and subtraction. This is crucial for children to understand before thy move onto more complex mathematics. 



Use the sheet or draw your own houses in the purple book (your child might like to use different colours and types of houses). 


Watch the video below to help but if you use the 0-20 number cards, place the cards face down and pick one at random. Using the digit card chosen as the total, make the fact family and write all 4 number sentences in one of the house shapes. 

Eg; If 7 is selected from the pile of cards you could make 3 + 4 = 7 and 4 + 3 = 7 and 7 - 4 = 3 and

7 - 3 = 4



Mrs R talks about Fact families

Maths activity