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Reading Comprehension - All About Elephants: Watch the video below which demonstrates how to use the text to answer the questions. Afterwards, answer the questions on pages 15 and 16. Remember, as shown in the video, you must use the text on pages 13 and 14 to find the answers. When you have finished, use the answers on pages 17 and 18 to mark your learning.

How to use the text to answer questions

Still image for this video
SPaG: Use the link below to watch the video about subordinating conjunctions. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Subordinate clauses and conjunctions (A)'. Complete this learning activity. 
Writing: Having now edited and assessed both of your chapters, today's writing activity is to write a final draft for chapters 57 and 58 of Abomination. Remember that my expectation was that you needed at least four paragraphs for each chapter; if you did not manage that in your first draft, you need to ensure that you have four paragraphs in this final draft. It is your choice whether you hand-write or type this final draft. The writing will form the basis of our Abomination learning display in our classroom so I will want everyone's final draft.If you choose to handwrite your final draft, you can drop it into school, I can collect it from your house, or you can bring it into class when we are all back in school. When you have completed your final draft of both chapters and you are happy that they are of Y6 quality (and presented well if handwritten), email either the typed chapters or pictures of the handwritten chapters to our class email. I can't wait to read the final drafts!

Divide decimals by integers. Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Divide decimals by integers. Please be aware that the second half of page 1 (right hand side) is duplicated on the first half of page 2 (left hand side). Please ignore this and do not answer the same questions (Q4 and Q5 are there twice).