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Reading Comprehension - Shirley Chisholm: Answer the questions on pages 17 and 18. Remember to use the text on pages 14, 15 and 16 to find the answers. Afterwards, use the answers on pages 19 and 20 to mark your learning.

SPaG: Log on to and select 'Suffixes and Prefixes (B)'. Complete this learning activity.

Writing: Read Chapters 54 - 56 of Abomination. 

After reading these chapters, and without reading ahead, use the planning frame to plan an ending to the story. Your plan should be for the next two chapters: chapter 57 and chapter 58. Chapter 57 should be written from Scott's perspective and Chapter 58 from Martha's.

Watch the video with my example for Scott to help.

Writing - Wednesday: Planning the ending of Abomination (Chapters 57 and 58)

Your planning frame for chapters 57 and 58

My notes from the video for your planning frame

Maths: Three decimal places. Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Maths Questions: Three Decimal Places