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For our handwriting today, we would like you to have a go at writing the letters s and t. Please try to have a go at writing these in your exercise books too, and attempt to write in unjoined cursive in your written work. Be resilient - this is a new skill we are learning and may take some time to master. yes

Y1 Handwriting - s and t

Wednesday's English with Mrs R

Please ignore Mrs R when she says it's Thursday (OOOOPPS!)

Today I would like you all to watch the video; talk to your grown up about the moment Bear realises he has seen the rabbit wearing his hat.


How would he have felt? What did he do next?


Write your own sentences in your exercise book, remember to say the sentence out loud first, count the words like we do in class then have a go at writing. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces also think about sounding out some of your spellings if you are unsure. In your pack there is a phase 2 and 3 soundmat which will also help you sound out words in order to spell them. 


Info for parents; Encourage your child to expand on short sentences using words like ‘and’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ to extend their thinking with reasons. They are able to write at least 3 sentences at least, saying the sentence out loud before writing it using the strategies mentioned above. 

Pictures to help you from the story


Today we’d like you to apply all your learning from Monday and Tuesday.


We would like you to draw or make your own number line and 10 frames to help you calculate the answers to the questions at the end of Mrs R’s video. 


(If you need help drawing/ making the 10 frames or number lines that is ok BUT the calculating and recording in books must be independent like it would be in class!)

Wednesday Maths with Mrs R