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Today, we are practising the 'loop' letter patterns. We are so pleased to see so many of you using the unjoined cursive style in your written work. Keep it up! 

Y1 Handwriting - loop letters



Before you listen to the poem; ask your grown up if they remember a time a dog got into their school playground. What happened? What was everyone doing or saying? What did the atmosphere around feel like? What were the teachers doing or saying?


Listen to Allen Ahlberg read ‘Dog in the playground’


Draw a sketch of what happened in the poem when the dog got into school; think about what the dog might look like, what the children were doing, where they were, what the teachers were doing. 


Write words around your picture to describe the actions of the dog, the children and the teachers eg. laughing, chasing, barking, hiding, scampering, shouting, shoving


Watch Mrs R's video to help you get started and please do this in your exercise book.

There's a dog on the playground sketch


Have a look at the powerpoint slides with your grown up and talk about the questions. No need to record; this is to start off the learning today (a bit like a warm up before exercise)! 


Then look at the activity sheet, print or write the answers in your exercise book.


There is a challenge today if you fancy it!

Powerpoint slides starter

Today's Maths activity and extra challenge