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Today, we are continuing to learn about equivalent fractions.  There are different learning activities to choose from today dependant on how confident you are feeling with equivalent fractions.  I would like you to choose the activity you feel most confident with, however, please remember to challenge yourself.  If you want to try an activity and then feel you could challenge yourself, move on to the next activity.  Likewise, if you try an activity and you are unsure please don't panic - try a different activity.


Activity 1

Watch my first video and then click on the link below.  This uses pictorial representations to show equivalent fractions.  This is an interactive activity which allows you to shade equivalent fraction.  

Count the number of squares that you have shaded and this will give you your numerator.  Count the total number of squares and the will give you your denominator.


Maths - Activity 1 - Wednesday 10th February 2021

Pictorial representations of equivalent fractions

Activity 2

If you are feeling confident looking at equivalent without pictorial representations have a look at the video below.  This will show how to wrok out equivalent fractions using your times table knowledge.  After, complete either the * or the ** activity.

Maths - Activity 2 - Wednesday 10th February 2021

Equivalent fractions


Today, we will be writing our introduction and our first point for our non-chronological report.  Please use the plan that you put together yesterday as this will help make sure that you are organising the information into the correct paragraph.

Watch my video where I have modelled what you need to include in your writing and then have a go yourself.  It would be great if your adult could email me your work so that I can provide feedback before you continue with your writing.  Thanks

English - Wednesday 10th February 2021

Non-chronological report - Introduction and point 1


As I have moved some of the learning around for this week, today we will be introducing your new spellings.

Please can you find a definition for each word and then write a sentence, in cursive handwriting, to show you understand what the word means.