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Today in maths, we are learning about how to add fractions.  Watch my video below and then have a go at the maths activity.  Remember, if you are confident with this, try the challenge questions.

Maths - Wednesday 24th February 2021

Add fractions


Following on from the learning we have been doing so far this week, today I would like yo to answer some comprehension questions about the Roald Dahl text you have been reading.


You will need to choose the corresponding questions to the text you selected on Monday.


Once you have completed this, I would like you to read the following chapters from 'The BFG':

  • The Witching Hour
  • Who?

  If you do not have this book, please can you ask you adult to contact me as a matter of urgency.  We have a few copies in school that can be collected tomorrow.


Today, I would like us to learn about how to use apostrophes for possession.  Whilst I have been assessing your writing, this in an area that I have noticed quite a few of you need a refresher on.  It is always good to keep looking back and learning these things again.


Please look at the link below and complete all the activities in your exercise book.