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To start today, please join-in with the following handwriting video:

3 HERE THERE WHERE Handwriting.mp4

Still image for this video



Watch the video of Mrs R reading the story- this time it’s a close up reading showing you the pictures in more detail.


Spot the scene where the family realise she is a very clever spider and might make a good pet. Check out all the sparkly cobwebs!


AAaaarrgghh Spider read by Mrs R

In your exercise book draw a large spider and around the outside of the drawing write down all the things you know about spiders.


Then in a different coloured crayon all the questions you would like to find answers to. E.g what do spiders eat? What are baby spiders like? Do all spiders make webs?


See Mrs R's picture to help you.

Mrs R's picture to help with today's learning


Have a look at the powerpoint with your grown up and talk about the slides.


Today's powerpoint to talk about with your grown up

Complete the activity sheet either by printing it or recording in your exercise book.


Then have a go at today’s challenge. Print if you can but if not- record in your exercise book.

Today's activity and extra challenge