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Reading Comprehension - Plastic Pollution: Answer the questions on pages 9 and 10. Remember to use the text on pages 6, 7 and 8 to find the answers. Afterwards, use the answers on pages 11 and 12 to mark your learning.

SPaG: Log on to and select 'Grammar Y5 (D)'. Complete this learning activity.

Maths: Wednesday 13th January

Watch the video to refresh your memory about how to find a fraction of an amount. Afterwards, answer the questions.

Maths Questions

Writing - Apologies that this has taken the best part of a day to upload! Here is a video commentary of how to write your second paragraph. This will still be useful for your subsequent paragraphs that you will write tomorrow and Friday.

Writing your second paragraph for the Tudor Crime and Punishment non-chronological report: 13.01.21

The introduction that was created yesterday

Tips to help you to write your second paragraph