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Wednesday - Core Curriculum


In preparation for a new diary recount, you are going to study a character. Either Ron or Hermione. In case it will help you to choose - the diary will be based on  the events in the 'Polyjuice potion' chapter.


1. Draw a pencil sketch of Ron or Hermione (Feel free to colour in or paint but it's up to you) 

2.  Skim and scan through the book for phrases that are typical to that character. Record these on your page. 

3. Note down a list of this character's likes. 

Wednesday Tribes of the Rainforest

Watch the video below then have a go at answering the comprehension questions about Tribes of the Rainforest


Today we are going to continue to look at equivalent fractions.  The questions on the worksheet below ask you to find the missing numbers to make the fractions equivalent (equal).  Please remember to answer the questions on the daily flashback too.

Wednesday Equivalent Fractions

Mrs Booth explains how to find equivalent fractions