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Well done Y5.  We have been really impressed with the maths work that you have been sending in to school.  Today we will be looking at division once more and answering another set of questions.  The numbers will be getting larger but the method is exactly the same as yesterday and the day before.  There are also a couple of word problems on each sheet.  Have a go and let us know how you get on. There are two different worksheets below please only complete one of them.  We would like most of you to complete Maths Division 1, however if you are feeling confident then have a go at Maths Division 2.   


Today you will be planning which quotes you will include in your newspaper. See the document below for instructions and examples. 



Reading Comprehension


Read chapter six of Chamber of Secrets. Answer the following questions about the pages below (Pages 70 and 71 in the older copy of the book) 


  1. Why were Harry’s insides ‘burning with guilt’? Give an example from the text.
  2. List three things that could be seen in the outdoor area that Harry, Ron and Hermione walk through on their way to Herbology.
  3. Professor Sprout and Gilderoy Lockhart have very different appearances. Use the text to explain how they differ.  
  4. For what reason did Professor Lockhart believe that Harry arrived at Hogwarts in a flying car?
  5. Why did the author use italics for the words ‘bug, flying cars and I understand’?
  6. ‘He’s an internationally famous wizard’ What does the word internationally mean?
  7. Write a summary of chapter six in 30 words or less.