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We have enjoyed reading everyone's diary entries for Yash and can see that so many of you tried really hard to make sure that you varied your sentence openers. Well done. 


Below is a copy of James' writing. What a star, we have been blown away by your writing James. 


Yash’s Diary

           Thursday 14th May

Today, I am extremely excited because I am taking a new group of tourists up to base camp to meet my Uncle Ranj. To begin with, I will lead the group up the Jugurdwa mountain. We will be climbing up the foothills of the mountain. It is a tricky climb but easy to conquer when you put your mind to it. I love the views, on the mountain there are lots of fissures and cascading rivers. It is a challenging climb, there are some steep inclines and some jagged surfaces, but I love to navigate the tourists through the terrain. When the tourists get to the peak of the mountain, they are incredibly happy, so my Uncle Ranj says. Bhubakta, one of the village elders, only told me late today of the booking, so I may have to move the tourists briskly to get to base camp by dusk.

I got the tourists to the base camp on time, but it was not the enjoyable experience I had hoped for. There was some unacceptable behavior from one of the tourists, a portly man called Theodore J Goldlow. He had no interest in the beauty of the mountain, he was on his phone constantly, his booming voice was constantly complaining. He constantly moaned about how difficult it was to climb the mountain and he asked if there was a truck to take him up the mountain. When I challenged him, he said “Do you know who I am?”

Today, I found out he wants to buy the mountain, but I hoped the elders wouldn’t let him because this mountain has belonged to our ancestors for generations. Quietly, I sneaked into a meeting that was being held to discuss the potential sale of the mountain. To my amazement, the elders agreed to the sale as they said the money on offer was too good to be true, and many of the farmers were struggling with money. I was enraged that they would even consider selling the mountain to this ignorant man. The only good thing was they agreed that Mr Theodore J Goldlaw must speak to the Sage first.

I am now heartbroken, they have signed the documents and Mr Goldlaw has said he wants to move the mountain and will be blowing it up. I gasped in horror and couldn’t hold my anger in and shouted you have made a mistake. Today is the day Mr Goldlaw is going to start blowing the mountain up. I am determined to stop him. So, I stupidly stood in front of the digger. It came remarkably close before seeing me and stopped. I reminded everyone that Mr Goldlaw had to meet the sage first to discuss the sale. I then took Mr Goldlaw up the mountain to meet the Sage, I was furious with him and tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t listen. He is a very mind-boggling person. I had hoped sage would change his mind, but it didn’t work. The explosion was still set for 2pm. The sage had quoted “do not concern yourself with moving the mountain, for the mountain will move you”. I still do not understand this quote!

On the way back down, I took a parcel that the sage gave me to a secret location where an injured musk deer was hiding with her baby. To my amazement, when Mr Goldlaw saw how peaceful the mountain was and he also thought he may kill or injure animals, he started to change his mind and started to be more reasonable. I got the shock of my life, the detonation went off as we had lost track of time, causing debris and large boulders to cascade down on us. I was really scared and worried to see if the villagers were safe.

Luckily, we got down uninjured before a big mammoth boulder nearly hit us. The villagers were astonished because no one was hurt but they were shocked that the vile man, Mr Goldlaw, had gone ahead with the explosion. We were all flabbergasted that he apologized and that he would rebuild everything pebble by pebble so the devastation would be unnoticeable. Mr Goldlaw declared “it will be problematic to fix the mountain, but my team can do it.” Finally, I now understand the quote sage had said, “do not concern yourself with moving the mountain, for the mountain will move you”