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Harthill Primary School

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Wow Work

Disgust by Zac 


Satisfied and Don't Worry by George


Excitement is prismatic

It tastes sweet and sour

It smells like sweet and salty popcorn

A crescendo of yee ha's

Feels like a bolt of electricity and conjuring rainbows


by Nate


Calmness is dark blue

It tastes like peanut butter and banana sandwiches

It smells like fresh air

Calmness sounds like a fan blowing cold air

It feels like the bark from an oak tree

Calmness looks like a tree reaching to the sky


by Thomas



Anger is bright red

It tastes like a bottle of hot sauce

It smells like chillies

It sounds like a volcano erupting

It fells like a angry giant following me


 by Olivia




Once I was nine years old 

I was at school  

Life was pretty normal 


It was a happy time, 

Going to the park 

Meeting friends and laughed 


Once I was ten years old 

Life has changed 

Schools are shut 


Shops have closed 

People are panic buying 

The NHS are our new heroes 

weve started clapping and drawing rainbows 

to show our thanks 

when I’m eleven years old 

I hope lockdown ends 

And that families can hug again 


I hope that we can go on holidays again 

And meet up with friends 

If the coronavirus was gone life wouldn’t be on hold 


by Austin