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Y1 Birdwatch Activities

Mrs. Thompson reads 'A Tale of Two Feathers'

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Now have a read about some British birds from the PowerPoint below. 
  • If you would like to make a poster about your favourite bird, use the information in the slides to help with this. OR...
  • Fancy an art task? Take a look at these lovely printing pictures for inspiration:

Y1 Art Printing Ideas linked to Birds

Get birdwatching!

Would you like to take part in the RSPB BirdWatch? If so, please choose one hour, where you dedicate the time to simply birdwatch. This can be done on a rota with family members, or all together. We understand this is a long time for only a few people, so you might want to take turns watching.  Then:

  • Select a place in your garden or outside area that you are going to observe;
  • You can watch from inside your house, or wrap up warm and cosy with a hot choc and set up a viewing area with somewhere for you to sit;
  • Print the bird spotting sheet above, or keep a tally chart on paper of the birds you spot (if any) in that hour;
  • Let us know what you spotted by emailing in your results before February 22nd 2021

Top tip - the few days leading up to your birdwatch, you could put out some seeds or food to encourage the birds. 



Have a go at the Harthill Family Quiz - British Birds

You have until February 21st to have a go at identifying the birds. 

Please only play this game once as we are opening this up to the whole-school and have a maximum number of players. GOOD LUCK Y1!