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Y5 Creative Ideas

Aztec Art


Below you will find various resources linked to the Aztec Civilisation and their art work.  There is a word document with further instructions and a powerpoint as a starting point :)


Don't forget to send us some pictures of your art work 



Harthill Primary School Forever Friends Art Tutorial (April 2020)

Learn to draw a Teddy Bear! Check out this step by step tutorial for the children of Harthill Primary School where they learn how to create a Forever Friends...
Created by Miss Eddershaw's partner Richard

#DrawWithRob 1 Gregosaurus

For any of you who love drawing, author and illustrator Rob Biddulph is posting daily workshops on his YouTube site which is really easy to follow. Below is a link to his first workshop drawing his Gregosaurus. There are many more available if you search for him online. Don't forget to share with us any pictures you produce.



We have added a link below to the BBC School Radio programme 'Treasure Island.'  The programme tells the story of 'Treasure Island' and includes songs to sing along to and learn.

Excellent Y5 Sketching Ideas

How To Draw A Realistic Owl

Learn how to draw a realistic owl! In this lesson, we're using markers and colored pencils. You can use whatever you feel comfortable drawing with. This less...