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Year 1

Welcome to Y1

Who's Who?

A note from Miss Dunsford....While you are out of school today (Thursday 10th July) here are some activities you can have a go at:

Maths - We have been working this week on making sure our numbers are the correct shape and the right way round. Keep going with this today and get creative - you could use paint, water and a paintbrush on the ground, make 'big' numbers using sticks, stones and leaves, the list goes on. Bring photographs in tomorrow if you have been particularly creative!

Literacy - Do some writing about what you are looking forward to in Year 2. We can use these as part of our New Year display in September.


Hello and welcome to the Year 1 class page. Here you will find information about what w have been learning, as well as what we are going to be doing in school.

This half term our topic is centred around Yorkshire with close links to the Tour de France. Children will learn about and discover how Yorkshire has changed since 1903, when the first Tour de France took place. They will also develop their Geography skills by looking at where Yorkshire is located in comparison to the rest of the world, as well as using a scale to measure on a map, using coordinates and using a key.

Our Maths learning will build upon all of our previous knowledge. We are going to focus on division, time and measure in particular this half term.

In Literacy we will be focussing largely on writing. The children did some fabulous writing at the end of the last half term and we are going to learn how to 'fine tune' our writing to make sure we do not forget important elements such as capital letters and full stops. As well as this, we will be trying hard with our phonics in preparation for the Y! Phonics Screening Check.

Important dates for your diary

Stay and Learn
Every Friday morning 9-9:30am
Come into class and take part in our learning with your child

Monday 2nd June
School re-opens for staff and pupils

Tuesday 3rd June
Class photographs - don't forget your big smiles!

Friday 6th June
Educational visit to Kiveton Community Woodland for Y1 and Y2 pupils

Monday 16th June
Y1 Phonics Screening Check week
Pupils will complete their phonics screen check with me during that week

Friday 27th June
Celebration of learning drop-in 9-9:30am
Parents are invited into school to look at the learning their child has produced this year

Friday 18th July
Last day in school
School closes to children for the summer holidays

Monday 21st July
Staff only in school

Ways to support your child
  • By talking about the topics and finding out any information from books, computers, internet, libraries etc. Please encourage the children to bring any useful information into school. If you have any particular personal information, which may be of interest and you would like to share this in school, please contact your child’s class teacher.
  • By discussing any Maths home learning with your child and helping/encouraging them to complete any home learning tasks. Home learning is given out on Fridays and is due in the following Wednesday.
  • By chatting with them about their learning at school and helping/encouraging them to attempt any home learning tasks.
  • By encouraging them to read each day and recording this in their reading log.
  • The children will be set curricular targets that will be shared with them each term. These are small steps to success that children should know and aim to achieve by the end of term.
  • Ensuring that they come to school to work hard and succeed.

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