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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


During this half term we will be taking a journey through time to the awesome 80s!. We will be looking at things that have changed over time, such as; technology, day to day life, music, art, travel and clothing.
If you have any stories, photos or information about the 80s as a dazzling decade we would love to share them.

In maths we will be refining our understanding of the number system. We will then revisit adding and subtracting 10 and 1 from 2 digit numbers, to consolidate our understanding of place value . We will be looking closely again at how to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number, by taking away the units and then the tens using a number line. Also, we will be continuing to work with number bonds to 20 and using the multiples of 2, 5 and 10 to develop our recall of our times tables.. We will revisit both 2D and 3D shape, to secure our knowledge of their names and properties through working with irregular and regular shapes and sorting them into categories. We will use length and measure to link directly to last terms science topic, plants, as we continue to monitor our beans and sunflowers. With a big emphasis on mental maths we will use this to become problem solvers using length, money, weight and measure to solve real life problems.  Please feel free to come and speak with me about any of the calculation methods we use at Harthill and I will be more than happy to give you support with ideas to share with your child at home.



During this half term, we will be exploring different types of text, reading them and creating our own. We will look carefully at different authors with a focus on answering and asking questions about a text and discussing the effect and importance illustrations have on the reader. Within our writing we will be focussing on creating accurate full sentences using capital letters, spaces, and punctuation correctly and making our writing more exciting using adjectives and extending our ideas using conjunctions. Our author of the term, this term, is Eric Carle (Author of the Very Hungry Caterpillar) and we will be looking at some of his fantastic picture books and sharing these as a class. If you have any at home that you would like to bring in to share, this would be fantastic!
It is recommended that children are reading for at least 10 minutes every night; this doesn’t always need to be their reading book which is matched to their current reading level, this could be a newspaper, magazine, website, ingredients or instructions, library book or as simple as reading signs in the car. These are all great reading opportunities and can be recorded within their reading record book. I would like to take this opportunity to thank children and parents for their enthusiasm and fantastic use of the ‘Teach your monster to read games’. You will be glad to hear the next level of the game, ‘Champion Reader’ will be available to access from the 4th of June! If you would like any more information or support please don’t hesitate to come and find me :)



Within science this term we will be looking at ‘Everyday Materials’, we will be looking at different materials and their properties, and how this affects our decisions when choosing materials to do certain jobs. We will be finding out where materials come from and looking at their different forms. We will be using the senses to investigate materials in different ways which will develop our use and recall of key words within the topic.
During the term, we have science week the first week back, where we will be focussing on the Bloodhound car that is attempting to set the land speed record later this year. As a class we will be looking at using different materials and shapes to create boats; over the week we will be developing these further based on our research.




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