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Year 1

Who is who?





                                                              Miss Vernon Class Teacher



Mrs Pullin

Learning Support Assistant

Wow! Summer term already

In this term we will look at two books related to space.

Our first focus text is called 'Beegu'.




The second book is called 'How to catch a star'.        




Additional must reads. 

These are texts that have be chosen to extend your child's vocabulary.

Giraffe's can't dance ( Giles Andrede)

Hat in the hat (Dr Seuss)

Grandad's Island (Benji Davies)

Gorilla (Anthony Browne)

Dogger (Shirley Hughes)

The Twits (Roald Dahl)


Our role play area will turn into a space rocket and we will be able to travel to the different planets.


(photographs of budding astronauts to follow...)

Happy New year 2018

Welcome to spring term

In this term we will look at recycling and ways to save the planet Earth.

Our focus text is called,

10 things to help my world. 



Please can you start or continue to recycle items at home and discuss this with your child.  Your child will become 'a super hero' to save the world.  They may remind you to turn off the TV at the socket to save energy or turn of the tap when cleaning teeth, this will save 18 glasses of water!  We have even discuss walking to school instead of travelling by car, to save petrol and reduce pollution.

We will be learning a recycling song called 'Buster and Pong recycling song' you can find it on youtube using the following link. 


Our role play area has turned into a recycling centre with our very own collection truck.  If you could take items to the local recycling centre this will give the children an idea what happens at these centres.  





Additional must reads. 

These are texts that have be chosen to extend your child's vocabulary.

Jolly postman ( Janet & Allen Ahlberg)


Whatever Next (Jill murphy)


The enormous crocodile (Roald Dahl)

Welcome to Year 1!

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to this term as we begin our themed story ‘The Storm Whale’.





Our classroom has been transformed to life under the sea, complete with our own submarine.


During this term we will learn about the different types of creatures that live in our oceans and learn many fascinating facts related to whales.  Did you know whales have ear wax plugs?   


If you are visiting London try and visit the Natural History museum.  They have an outstanding whale exhibition running until 28th February called Whales beneath the surface For more information see the link.








  Autumn 2 

This second half term focus book is called Billy's bucket by Kes Gray & Garry Parsons.

Watch the story at