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Harthill Primary School

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Who's who?


Mrs Bothma - class teacher


Mrs Pullin - LSA and cover supervisor


Miss Lowe-Collins - student teacher

Our Class Text

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens


Wider Curriculum

This half term we are learning about the countries in the United Kingdom in Geography, where they are located, their capitals, flags and key facts. In Music we are starting to look at tuned instruments and learning how to play and compose music using glockenspiels. In Art we are investigating the colour wheel, mixing different shades and using this to create our own interpretation of Mark Rothko’s work. 


In PE we are consolidating our skills in throwing and catching before moving on to learning how to play Matball. We will learn the rules of the game as well as teamwork skills to compete against each other in tournaments within the class.


Ways to help your child at home

Read, read and read some more! Your child should be reading to you at least 4 times a week in addition to you reading to them. Try to also ask them questions about what they are reading to check their understanding.


If your child finds the spellings easy in any week, try asking them to put them into sentences as well. We will be continuing to develop the cursive script with a focus on the size of the letters being appropriate so please use the guide in the learning log to support this.

Important Information



Timings of day



8.45am* – 3pm Mrs Bothma teaching all day

Spellings tested and new spellings given out

PE session in the afternoon


8.45am* – 3pm  Mrs Bothma teaching all day

Year 2 library day – books will need to be returned and swapped on a Tuesday only




8.45am* – 3pm Mrs Bothma teaching am

Mrs Pullin/Miss Lowe Collins pm



8.45am* – 3pm Mrs Pullin and Miss Lowe-Collins teaching all day

PE session in the afternoon


8.45am* – 3pm

Mrs Bothma teaching all day


Useful Websites



This is a great game for developing quick recall skills in Maths.

As previously, you can find additional Bug Club books here. If you have any trouble logging on, please let me know.

Free to register with additional books you can enjoy with your child.

Merry Christmas from Year 2

Identifying leaves from our class tree - the Silver Birch

Our super clay tiles inspired by Joe Scarborough's 'Sheffield through the Ages'

We love our weekly Harthill Spelling Gameshow

While reading 'Here we are' we spend time outside with a hot chocolate appreciating the world around us

Bubble fun