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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Welcome back to the second half of our summer term! Let's work hard this half term and enjoy oour learning towards the summer. I have had a lovely year with you Year 3, let's continue as we have done!

Please have a look at the albums at the bottom of this page to see photographs of all the exciting learning we have already done this year!

We are continuing out interesting topic; ‘Digging Deep’ and through this topic we are looking at the local coal mining history, children working in the mines, mine safety and many more interesting topics. We will continue to develop our already brilliant investigative and research skills to find out about this period of history that was really important to our local area. This half-term we also have out class visit to the National Coal Mining museum to look forward to!

Our science topic this half term is a reconsolidation of 'Light and Shadows'. Through this the children will revisit and building on their learning about the patterns in how shadows are formed a nd reflective materials.

Who's Who?

Dates for the Diary
Monday 1st June INSET day
Week commencing Tuesday 2nd June Science Week
Week commencing Monday 8th June My Money Week
Tuesday 9th June Childline Workshop
Wednesday 10th June Year 3 visit to National Coal Mining Museum
Friday 12th June Road Safety workshop
Thursday 18th June - 9.30 Father’s Day Service at All Hallow’s Church
Monday 22nd June KS2 Sports Day
Tuesday 23rd June KS1 Sports Day
Saturday 27th June Harthill Gardening Society 70th Birthday Party
Weeks commencing 6th July and 13th July Transition weeks
Wednesday 8th July One Voice concert
Friday 17th July School finishes for children for the summer

Home learning
We have decided to set home learning in the grid where children have a choice of activities to personalise their home learning this Summer term. This is in addition to:
  • Regular home reading, at least three times a week. Teachers will check reading records/scrapbooks weekly and would really appreciate comments from parents too.
  • Weekly spelling challenge (To be given out on a Monday)
  • Times tables practice
    Write a cinquain or haiku about a topic of your choice.
     Write an explanation about how something works or why something happens (after week 2) Free write in any genre.
    Write your own addition and subtraction questions and solve using the column method. Produce some art work based on a book you have recently read.   Make a game using times table facts.
    Write a weekend diary.  Watch the Bloodhound Experiment reaction times clip and carry out your own reaction time investigation.    Practise your athletics ready for your next PE lesson. Take a photo or draw a picture of this.   
    The following clip is from the Bloodhound Experiments. It will also be on our class page.
    If you are unable to watch this clip at home, please let us know and you can watch it in school.
    Remember when doing any of the writing challenges that you are expected to write to the same standard as you do in your literacy books. Think about what you have learnt in SPAG&R and literacy lessons including the use of; time connectives, adjectives, conjunctions, sentence openers and punctuation.
    We have high expectations of our home learning and expect it to be handed in on time (Wednesday). Any children who are finding particular aspects of their home learning difficult, they need to speak to their class teacher before Wednesday.
    For all activities in the grid you should be spending roughly 30 minutes completing them

Quick notes:
  • Home learning is given out on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. 
  • Spelling investigations are handed out on a Monday, to be tested the following Monday. 
  • Full PE kits are needed on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Ways to help your child:
  • Ensuring that they come to school ready to enjoy the day and work hard so that they can succeed to the best of their abilities. Spellings are given out on Mondays and tested the following Monday. Our spelling rules for this term will focus on prefixes and words containing apostrophes to show possession. To support your child games like scrabble and hangman help consolidate the position of letters, giving the meaning of words and encouraging your child to guess the word or finding the letter patterns and how they change (the ‘rule’) will also enable a deeper understanding of the spellings. At least 5 words will always be given to support your child however if you find your child is finding their spellings difficult please let us know.
  • Reading logs are to be handed in on Mondays. By encouraging them to read for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day, depending on age (more if they are enjoying the story or information in the book). Either you or your child can record their reading in their reading logs.
  • Practising their times tables for their next times table challenges – including looking at fact families.
  • Ensure that your child has the correct equipment; Daily: Reading log, Tuesday and Wednesday: Indoor and outdoor PE kit, Mondays: Spellings and Wednesdays: Home learning book.