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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Who's Who


           Class Teachers       




Mrs Thompson           Mrs Naylor

Learning Support Assistants:



                                                             Miss Dodds, Mrs Pridmore and Mrs Morley



 Our class read this Summer Term:



The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Image result for the iron  man book cover


Home-made Tzatziki to enjoy whilst watching 'Hercules'

What fraction of cherries are in the red hoop?

Random Acts of Wildness #30DaysWild


In Year Three we are taking part in the Wildlife Trust's #30DaysWild project and will be completing 30 acts of Wildness by the end of the month.


Scatter Seedbombs


1 - Feel the wild between your toes


7. Listen for wild sounds

8. Snap a blue photo


23. Decorate with a wild mobile

Race for a rainbow


Write a nature poem


Investigating Soil Filters

Our very own 'Borrowers'

Mouth-watering Melon Maths - Exploring Tenths the Fun Way!

Y3 Class Tree - White Cherry Tree

Practising our Spellings in the Snow

Stone Age Caves

Cosmic Yoga!

Exploring Place Value - 11.1.18

Handwriting Guide:


Try baking some Stained-Glass Window Biscuits...

Big Maths Beat That Sheets (100seconds to complete)