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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



These are the members of staff that work in our classroom.



Summer term
Our topic is Britain through the Ages and we are choosing our own areas of learning within this topic. Our floor book in the classroom is slowly filling up with lots of interesting information about British history. 

We have said goodbye and good luck to Miss Raynes - we wish her all the best in her new job. 

On Monday 8th June the class took part in the Rothervision competition as part of the Children's Festival. The children were amazing and should be very proud of achieving first place! 



We have been to the Yorkshire Water Treatment Centre and found out about how 'The Baddies' are removed from the water when it is treated and how the water cycle works. We were taken on a guided tour of the centre and were able to see the treatment in action. (See the folder at the bottom of this page for more photos.)

Our science lessons will be about sound including; identify how sounds are made, how sound travels as well as learning  about what affects pitch and volume. 
For more information about our learning  please read the spring term curriculum newsletter, pop into the classroom to see what is up on display or visit our class blog. 



In Literacy we are using 'The Iron Man'by Ted Hughes to write persuasive letters. In art we have used chalk and charcoal to create portraits of the Iron Man using light and shadow. 



Ways to help your child at home

- Read at home everyday
- Write a post on our class blog together (Remember to stick to the 100 Word Challenge)
- Put aside time for home learning and practising spellings rules together
- Visit the library to borrow books related to our topic
- Telling the time together and using time when talking about activities planned or favourite programmes on TV.
Dates for your diary