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Year 4

Wow! What a day! This just had to be logged at the top of our class page.

On arrival at school this morning, the class were greeted with 'chirps' from 3 little ducklings. The excitement continued as just as they arrived back from lunch a 4th little duckling made its appearance.

I am also happy to confirm that another cheeky chirper arrived shortly after the class left.

5 gorgeous little duckings have arrived safely with more looking to hatch soon. I will upload some photos below. Then, tomorrow we will upload some more photos.

What an absolute pleasure to share this experience together. It's been emotional!

Looking forward to seeing what we will be greeted with tomorrow.

Welcome to our class page


We will keep this updated with photos of learning that is occurring in class, especially the progress of our Indian Runner duck eggs.



Mrs Pridmore and Mrs Hamilton

Meet Team Y4

Day 23 - Duckling update

As you can see from the photo, the ducklings are developing well.  We are unable to confirm today how many ducklings are still progressing. This is because there is very little space to move. The incubator is now in 'lockdown' and will not be open now until a duckling hatches. Very exciting! We have also increased the humidity from 55% to 65%.

Mrs Pridmore and Mrs Hamilton were thrilled when they caught a glimpse of the eggs moving at the end of the school day.

Hopefully, they won't keep us waiting too long. At the same time, fingers crossed they don't hatch over the weekend (that would be a little early).


In others news, one of Mrs Pridmore's chickens is broody and has decided to sit on some duck eggs. She started off with 4 eggs and now has 7 in her nest. They are on day 4 and day 1. It will be interesting to compare results. Although, candling the eggs under Cluck (or it might be Henny, they're difficult to tell apart) may prove difficult as she puffs herself up whenever anyone goes near.



Day 15 - Duckling update

We have candled our duck eggs again today and are excited to say we still have 12 ducklings developing. 

Our next update will be on day 23. At this stage, we will stop the eggs rotating and increase the humidity from 55% to 65%. The eggs will then officially be in 'lockdown' until they hatch - this means we will not be able to open the incubator.  At this stage, we will then be looking for signs of 'pipping'.

Day 7 - duckling update

Today, we candled our 12 eggs. We were very surprised by the results. Currently, all 12 eggs are showing signs of a developing duckling.

We shall be repeating this process again next week. 

Ducks and Ducklings 

In the first lockdown, in fact a year to the date we have incubated our class eggs, Mrs Pridmore and her family decided to hatch Indian Runner ducks. They successfully hatched 4 eggs - all of these were boys. Lucky ducky is hopefully going to be a daddy soon. 

August saw the  successful hatch of Sage (brown and grey). To make sure Sage wasn't lonely on her arrival, they bought 2 beautiful little ladies; Daisy (black and white and petite) and Buttercup (slightly lighter black and white - more white than Daisy on her face). 

Hopefully, these ducks will soon have their own ducklings. 

We are so excited to be sharing this experience in Y4. We hope you can all enjoy the journey with us.

Mummy and Daddy ducks (hopefully)

Day 1 - Putting the eggs in the incubator

Candling the eggs - Day 2